Officers and Committees


  • President – Christina Marmonti
  • First Vice President – Maria Bechis
  • Second Vice President – Denise Dumas
  • Secretary – Carol Hanover
  • Treasurer – Bill Lohman

Standing Committees:

  • Beaver Brook/Conservation to oversee communication and cooperation between the Club and Beaver Brook Association and other conservation groups
  • Budget to prepare, each year, a budget for the following year
  • Civic Improvements to maintain the Club’s civic beautification projects: Seasonal Town Center Plantings,  the Wreath Workshop and the Spring/Fall Clean-up Days
  • Horticulture to provide educational material to the club at each regular meeting
  • Hospitality to arrange for refreshments at all regular meetings
  • Membership to maintain membership records

Special Committees:

  • Handbook
  • Lucie Beebe Garden and Wheeler House
  • Plant Sale
  • Programs
  • Photography, Shutterfly, Facebook
  • Scholarship
  • Sunshine
  • Nominating
  • Summer Garden Tours
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Budget