Officers and Committees


  • President – Kimber Harmon
  • First Vice President – currently vacant
  • Second Vice President – Pat McAndrew
  • Secretary – Ada Allen
  • Treasurer – Louise Allaire

The term of office of all officers is one year. No officer, except the Treasurer, may serve in the same office for more than two consecutive years. An Executive Board consists of all officers and Standing Committee chairmen (listed below).

Standing Committees:

  • Beaver Brook/Conservation to oversee communication and cooperation between the Club and Beaver Brook Association and other conservation groups
  • Budget to prepare, each year, a budget for the following year
  • Civic Improvements to maintain the Club’s civic beautification projects: Seasonal Town Center Plantings,  the Christmas  Wreath Workshop and the Spring/Fall Clean-up Days
  • Horticulture to provide educational material to the club at each regular meeting
  • Hospitality to arrange for refreshments at all regular meetings
  • Membership to maintain membership records

Special Committees:

  • Handbook
  • Lucie Beebe Garden and Wheeler House
  • Plant Sale
  • Programs
  • Photography, Shutterfly, Facebook
  • Scholarship
  • Sunshine
  • Nominating
  • Summer Garden Tours
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Budget